Press release September 1st, 2023
French’s automotive market picks up the pace in August


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  1. 👉 24% rise in new car registrations
    👉 The used car market continues to recover (+ 2.5%)
    👉 In the first half of the year, car prices rose by 8%.
    👉 End-of-life vehicles (ELV) under the microscope

    The automotive market in France continues to gain momentum. In August, registrations of new passenger cars rose by 24%, driven in particular by hybrid and electric models. The used car market continues to recover, with registrations up 2.5%.

  2. According to data from AAA DATA, the augmented data expert, new passenger cars registrations in August totaled 113,599 units, compared with 91,403 units over the same period last year.

Hybrid and electric vehicles in top shape

  1. In terms of powertrains, hybrid vehicles (32% market share including 8% for plug-in hybrids) continue to win over customers, with sales up 39% (including +41% for plug-in hybrids) to 36,688 registrations (including 9,533 for plug-in hybrids).

  1. TOP 3 Electric brands, July 2023

     1 - Renault
    2 - Toyota
    3 - Hyundi

  2. 100% electric models, which account for 17% of the market, had an outstanding month in August, with registrations up 60% to 19,655 cars sold.

  3. Gasoline engines (38% market share) more or less held on to the overall market trend, with a 22% increase in registrations to 42,746 units, while diesel engines (9% market share) continued to decline: -29% to 10,221 units sold.

Buying a new car always costs more

  1. While the government is still fine-tuning its social leasing scheme – Emmanuel Macron’s 2022 campaign promise to enable low-income households to switch to electric cars for a monthly rent of 100 euros – car prices, for their part, continues to soar. According to AAA DATA, the average list price of new cars purchased in the first half of 2023 was 35,118 euros (excluding options and discounts), representing an overall increase of 8%. Plug-in hybrid models are the most expensive (57,717 euros, up 10% on first-half 2022), followed by electric vehicles (41,473 euros, up 8%), then diesels (37,736 euros, up 10%) and conventional non-plug-in hybrids (35,008 euros, up 7%). The cheapest models are to be found in the LPG segment with an average price of 19,032 euros in the first half of 2023, up 9%.

  2. Marie-Laure Nivot, Head of Automotive Market Analysis, at AAA DATA: « Vehicle electrification, reduced pollutant emissions and technologies to make driving safer and more comfortable are clearly pushing up new car prices. Prices are likely to start stabilizing as the market matures”.

Leasing praised

  1. It’s hardly surprising, in this context of soaring prices, that more and more private customers are turning to leasing solutions to finance their new vehicle. Leasing solutions accounted for 53% of sales in August (31% for leases with purchase option and 22% for long term leases), compared with 47% for direct purchases.

Second-hand on a healing path

  1. While the implementation of LEZs remains unclear, the used car market continues to heal up 2.5% to 373,119 units sold. While models less than five years old (30.5% of market share) are still down (-3% to 113,781 registrations), sales of cars between 5 and 10 years old are up by 6.7% (79,717 units) and those over 10 years old by 4.4% (179,621 units)

Cars that are badly damaged, economically irreparable, too old or overused to be sold on the second-hand market…. At some point, vehicles are destined to destruction as end-of-life vehicles (ELVs).

A wide-ranging study conducted by AAA DATA from May 1st, 2022, to April 30, 2023, throughout metropolitan France provides some insight into these ELVs (passenger cars, commercial vehicles, mopeds, motorcycles), whose scrapping and processing are regulated by law (European directive of 2000 and French environmental code of 2000)

Among the main findings concerning the vehicles themselves, we note that passenger cars account for 88% of the ELV market and that almost all the models scrapped are over 12 years old and that 65% of ELVs are diesel-powered.
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  2. About AA DATA :

    AAA DATA, historical player, leverages extensive expertise in the field of enhanced data and detects, predicts, and identifies consumer behavior, needs and trends to anticipate tomorrow’s uses. It offers its customers tailor-made models. AAA DATA runs a reliable and proven database. Thanks to its data repository and expertise, AAA DATA has been able to develop cutting edge and innovative solutions and anticipate tomorrow’s needs, in a wide variety of consumer fields.

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